Richard A. Del Pizzo

Composer / Nylon-String Guitarist

Lyrics for A Final Farewell

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                                                                       A Final Farewell

                                                                                                               in memory of Eugenio Del Duca


                                                                                    There’ll be no last act to this play

                                                                                    The leading man was pulled away

                                                                                    No curtain calls or bows

                                                                                    Are to him to be allowed.


                                                                                    Vanished like a reverie

                                                                                    There’s one less star which shines on me

                                                                                    My spring songs fade to elegies

                                                                                    Drowned by such senseless tragedies.


                                                                                    Ripples on water and droplets of rain

                                                                                    Like gentle moments fleet away

                                                                                    In their stead swells a numbing river of pain

                                                                                    Which engulfs us until our last day.


                                                                                    Death has a horrible finality

                                                                                    Stealing beloved ones from life and me.


                                                                                    Denied a last embrace of hands

                                                                                    I guess fate had other plans

                                                                                    So on the wings of an angel

                                                                                    I send this final farewell

                                                                                    To the place where your spirit now dwells.


                                                                                    © 2000 Richard A. Del Pizzo

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